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Posted by: Nordian » Monday, 19. November 2012, 13:48:29 Global announcement

1st Irian Knights promotions and medals ... view?pli=1

Rank structure

The 1stIK have in general the same ranking structure as the rest of the Free Worlds military.
The knights also use the honour ranks of Squire and Knight.
The trooper ranks only have their respective FWLM rank.
The sergeants have the honour rank squire added to their respective military rank.
The officers are the knights, they also inherit the right to be referred as a “Sir”, since the knight title is only awarded by the CO, after approval of the Captain General of the Free Worlds League, and also comes with the rise to the aristocracy if the FWL.

Rank Honour Rank
Private (PRIV) -
Private, First Class (PFC) -
Corporal (CORP) -
Sergeant ( SGT) Squire
Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Squire
Master Sergeant (MSGT) Squire
Sergeant Major (SGM) Squire
Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LTJG) Knight ( Sir )
Lieutenant, Senior Grade (LTSG) Knight ( Sir )
Captain (CPT) Knight ( Sir )
Force Commander (FC) Knight ( Sir )
Lieutenant Colonel (LtCOL) Knight ( Sir )
Colonel (COL) Knight ( Sir )

Promotions and requirements

Upon entering the 1stIK, every new member is assigned the rank of private.

Private to Private, first class

After 2 months of service a private can be promoted to “private, first class”, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:

- is able to keep formation in his/her lance according to dropleaders orders
- is able to engage targets according to dropleaders orders, called out by using the “NATO phonetical alphabet”
- knows the “NATO phonetical alphabet” and uses it in battle by calling critical targets and when calling for help

Private, first class to Corporal

After 3 Months of service, a PFC can be promoted to CORP, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:

- all requirements of a PFC
- can do scout missions and report enemies using the “NATO phonetical alphabet”
- includes in enemy reports not only the the oponents type and letter but also the square the enemy is in and a direction of movement if any.

Corporal to Sergeant

After 5 Months of service, a CORP can be promoted to SGT, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:

- all requirements of a CORP
- can fight with a second pilot as a “Buddy team”
- is used to the different weapon/mech types and their respective roles/ ways to use
- can lead the remaining members of a lance in battle, if the lancecommander is incapacitated during battle

Sergeant to Staff Sergeant

After 7 Months of service, a SGT can be promoted to SSGT, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:

- all requirements of a SGT
- can lead a lance in battle and coordinate the fire of that lance in the roles of scoutlance, support lance and combat lance
- can conduct basic training for privates, teaching basic formations, mech/ weapon roles and single pilot tactics ( circle, tjost, snipe )

Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant

After 9 Months of service, a SSGT can be promoted to MSGT, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:
- all requirements of a SSGT
- can lead up to 2 lances in battle in any role tasked upon him/her
- can conduct training of PRIV/PFC’s in 2 pilots tactics ( fighting as a pair of buddies )

Master Sergeant to Sergeant Major

There will always be no more than 3 Sergeant Majors in the 1stIK, only one SGM per company!
the Sergeant Majors are the highest ranking NCO and the connection from the officers to all the lower ranks.

The SGM therefore fulfill a role of the “ Mother of the Company”
The SGM are responsible to communicate the needs and worries of the lower ranks to the staff.
They are also responsible for helping new pilots to have a good start in the 1stIK and help them build up their fighting abilities.
Also the SGM will be forum moderators and will make sure the code of conduct is clear to all new members and taken to heart as well!
The SGM is the “ right hand “ of his respective company leader.

The SGM will have some special rights to fulfill his important role in the NCO corps of the 1stIK:
- can talk directly to the CO / XO without further notice on any topic.
- The SGM, along with their respective company leaders, decide upon the promotion of any rank up to SSGT.

After 9 Months of service, a MSGT can be promoted to SGM, once he/she fulfills the following requirements and there is a position available:
- all requirements of a MSGT
- can lead remaining forces of a drop as soon as no officer is available any more
- can organise and perform trainings
- can lead his companies sergeants in matters of training plans, lance organisation

Sergeant Major to Lieutenant junior grade

After 12 Months of service, a SGM can be promoted to LTJG, once he/she fulfills the following requirements:
- all requirements of a SGM
- can lead drops on his/her own and employ his/her own tactics doing so
- can give tactical training on drop size, mentoring his Companies NCO’s and troopers

Lieutenant junior grade up to Force Commander

Every 6 months after reaching the last rank, a new promotion can take place, if there are free positions or the unit board decides to open up a new company or even a new battalion.

Decisions about promotions in the range of Lieutenant senior grade to Force Commander are made by the unit board all 6 months.

The CO position

The Co is the leader of the 1stIK.
He/she has a veto right on all decisions made in the unit board.
CO position can be replaced by stepping down of the old one or by unanimous vote of the whole unit from Sergeant upwards.

The XO position

The Xo is the 2nd in command of the 1stIK.
He fulfills the CO role in absence of the CO with all rights and obligations of the CO.
XO can be replaced by stepping down or by the CO along with a ⅔ vote of the unit from sergeant upwards.
As long as the CO is not absent, the XO has no veto right in the unit board but a second voice, once a 50/50 situation occurs.

The CoS position

The CoS fulfills the position of XO if the XO is absent.
Hes is for the officers, what the SGM is for the NCO and troopers.
He/she is responsible of keeping track of the personnel files of the unit.
He/she keeps track of promotion times, medals and disciplinary measures taken.
He/she will appoint a Force Commander or Captain of the unit to be his/her deputy.

The unit board

The board consists of the CO, XO, CoS, the company leaders and the 3 SGM as representants of the NCO corps.
It comes together every 3 months or when needed.
Every member of the board can call for a board meeting, if he/she sees it needed.

The board is responsible for :
- officers promotions
- nco promotions
- structure changes of the 1stIK
- disciplinary hearings
- changes to any regulations regarding Code of Conduct or promotions and medals
- daily business


The following medals can be awarded to a member of the 1stIK of any rank, based on the decision of the unit board.
Every superior can suggest personnel under his/her command to be awarded. The unit board will then decide on the next meeting.

Saber of the brave

This medal in style of an old terran miniature saber is awarded for bravery repeatedly shown while protecting lancemates from certain destruction or for killing at least 5 assault class mechs with a light mech within 1 week of battle. By killing more than 20 enemy mechs within one week of service with any medium mech. by killing more than 40 enemy mechs within one week of service in a assault class mech. by killing more than 40 enemy mechs withtin one week of service in any weight class used - combinations possible.

Cross of valor

This cross is awarded for single handedly turning an almost lost drop against overwhelming enemy forces.
Example: Being the last mech on the field, piloting a centurion with only the 2 med lasers in center torso left. And then killing an awesome, catapult and hunchback to win the match.

This medal is to remember such an epic match.

Dedication Crest

This is awarded for dedicated service to the unit for a time not less than 6 months or by managing a big project for the unit, providing a single individual achievement.
Services and accomplishments providing training, recruiting new members, organising trainings and fights, writing tactical guides, organising unit internal tournaments etc etc etc.

Code of Conduct

The 1stIK is a unit dedicated to the fun of gaming. To ensure the fun for every member, no matter which rank within the unit, the following code applies to any member of the 1stIK in any form of communication, no matter if it is oral or written.
The code also applies to any place so it does not matter is a member is posting on the MWO Forum or our own for example.

- Racial, ethnical, sexual or religious discrimination of any kind is not tolerated by the unit and will result in a permanent ban from the 1stIK after one initial warning is given.

- We do not press anyone to play! If you are ambitious - fine, there are enough ambitious players within our unit to fill that position for the next drop! If someone can not or simply wants not to play on a given time, it is not your business!
This gaming clan is for fun, not a job.

- The 1stIK, is no home to nazis, islamists or any other radical group! We are a gaming clan, not a world changing social experiment! If you show such kind of behavior, you are simply out.

- We have ranks in the clan because we play a military science fictional unit.. this does not mean you have the right to boss someone around! Giving tasks or battlefield orders and bossing around people are two different things of which the second is not tolerated.
If you show you cannot use the power that comes with rank nicely and responsible, you will be demoted down to a rank that suits your character better.

- Since MWO has some hard grind for money, we do not restrict the loadout / models of our pilots to drop with.
So if you lead a drop you can of course tell your team what you would like to do and which mechs / loadouts you would like to lead into battle to properly deploy your tactic.

But if a pilot does not wish or cannot afford the build you want him to use, it is like in the real military:
Fulfill the mission with the forces and tools you are given, we are not in magic wonderland after all!

What to do if problems occour

You are a trooper or NCO and you have any problem with an officer or any other member of the 1stIK?

Go to your SGM, he will bring up the topic at the proper level or will sort it out for you any other way he/she sees fit.
If it is your own SGM you have the problem with, either call up one of the other SGM of the battalion or your company leader.

You are an officer and have any problem with another member of the 1st IK?

The CoS or his deputy is your man to help you out. If the CoS is your problem, the next one to call is the XO.


CO - Commanding Officer
XO - Executive Officer
CoS - Chief of Staff
Private - PRIV
Private, first class - PFC
Corporal - CORP
Sergeant - SGT
Staff Sergeant - SSGT
Master Sergeant - MSGT
Sergeant Major - SGM
Lieutenant Junior Grade - LTJG
Lieutenant, Senior Grade - LTSG
Captain - CPT
Force Commander - FC
Lieutenant Colonel - LtCOL
Colonel - COL

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